Ladderstile Log Stores

Ladderstile Log Stores

Burning dry wood is a must for any type of woodburning stove or open fire. Dry wood burns cleaner, more efficiently and gives off more heat.

In order to get the best from your firewood, storing it well is essential. If dry logs are left outside with no protection from the rain they will re-absorb moisture, and if left in a building with no circulation of air, they can become mouldy.

Freshly cut firewood can take up to twelve months or more to season depending on the type and size of the logs. We recommend getting your wood well in advance so you have a supply of dry logs ready for those warming winter fires. Our log stores allow you to buy predried logs and keep them dry, or season your own.

Log Stores are:

  • Manufactured from smooth sawn Swedish redwood
  • Timber treated with a preservative to ensure longer life
  • Individually made to order, and designed with sloping overlapped roof to protect from rain
  • Constructed with slatted sides and raised floor to allow good air circulation to help dry out the logs
  • Available in two standard sizes
  • We can also design and manufacture stores to your individual requirements.
Logic 1800 Only POA+VAT (approx. 2.1m3 storage)
Width 1750mm
Width of ridge 1800mm
Height to ridge 1980mm
Depth 870mm
Logic 1000 Only POA+VAT (approx. 1.2m3 storage)
Width 950mm
Width of ridge 1000mm
Height to ridge 1980mm
Depth 870mm

In addition to our log stores, we can supply a range of garden products to suit your requirements.

These include wheelie bins stores, garden seating, tables, bird tables, and garden sheds etc.

For further information or to place an order please get in touch using the details below.